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Quesadilla is my new favorite meal

का सा डी ला (Ka Sa Di La) is my new favorite meal. I love this Swiggy ad. It takes a spin at how octogenarians are keeping up with the current times. The ad shows two elderly gentlemen struggling with pronouncing Quesadilla and Lasagna, and yet going ahead and ordering these meals from the omnipresent food aggregator app. But, what makes this ad really powerful for me is that it resonates with something I learned a long time ago - "Never make fun of someone who mispronounces a word. It means they learned it by reading." [ Originally posted on LinkedIn ]

Thoughts about the Faceapp challenge and deepfakes

The internet has found a new fidget spinner - The Faceapp Challenge. Yes, I’m talking about the app that uses AI to show us how we will look when we get old. D’oh! The Faceapp Challenge, like the Ice Bucket Challenge, or the Kiki Challenge has the same common denominator that “breaks the internet” every time - the stupidity of human intellect clubbed with a cognitive bias known as the bandwagon effect. It all starts with fun and games - just a harmless picture of you looking like a 65 year old posted on social media. You’re amused, your friends want to try it out too, you get your 15 seconds of instant gratification. End of story, right? Wrong. Faceapp User Agreement authorises them with a perpetual, irrevocable, non exclusive, royalty free, worldwide, fully paid and transferable license to basically do whatever they want with your picture. The deepfake tech behind Faceapp can be used in incredibly malicious ways. Could deepfake AI be used to potentially plant false criminal e