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Thoughts about meditation

Meditation is your personal space. It’s your personal sandbox and there is no need to follow any specific template for meditation Each of us has a different experience in meditation. Your experience of meditating can, will and should be different than mine. So it makes no sense for me to tell what to expect from meditation. You can completely disagree with what I'm saying and we both will be right. The best way to learn the practise of meditation is to ask someone who meditates every day to do it with you daily for a couple of weeks. It greatly helps to meditate with someone in the initial few months. I meditate twice everyday; once alone and once with a group of people. But remember that in the long run, meditation is a single player game. If you’re dependent on someone for your meditation, you will likely not be able to master it yourself. In simplest terms, meditation is a stress release process. The stress can be in form of thoughts, emotions, physical stress etc. When you get