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3-point framework for your next perf review

What is the easiest way to become an influencer on LinkedIn? Find a collective from corporate which everyone loves to hate, and go at it.  Two most common such collectives are - Managers and HRs. Oh, do we love to hate our bosses! Common narratives: 1. I'm sour because I wasn't treated well by the boss. 2. I'm hurt because the HR didn't deal with me nicely. 3. I'm bitter because the boss and HR colluded and didn't give me the raise that I so deserved. We see ourselves as victims in these scenarios because we're often on the other side of the table from Managers and HRs. Many of us are terrible in interpersonal negotiations because we're not able to disconnect our emotions from the conversation. Next time you're in a conversation about a promotion, raise or employment, try this - a. Introspect - Know what your ask is before walking in; and what's your walk away point? b. Listen - You have two ears and one mouth. Use proportionately.