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Happy entrepreneursary

Happy entrepreneursary to me! Ilipsis Digital was founded one year ago today. A train of thought that had been frustrating me for many previous years was the lack of qualitative, noise-free insights that were being afforded to early stage companies. I started Ilipsis with just one broad purpose - Help them solve real, tangible problems. In the last one year, I've got a wonderful opportunity of working closely with founders and their teams to do just that, and I am very grateful for it. This day last year also happens when I applied for the PGPpro program at Indian School of Business . I got in and what a ride it has been! I'm thankful to my wonderful peers who have always encouraged me in my endeavours. I've tried to not err on this side, but I think I'm going to give myself a day off today. Because I can :) [Originally posted on LinkedIn]