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Can you quantify smartwork?

One of the biggest shams running on the Internet is the fallacy of working smart as opposed to working hard. A classic case of confirmation bias that somehow insinuates the ones working hard as “not being smart enough”. You’ll see people say “I slogged myself for 3 years to make my startup work”, or “I trained for a year to finish the marathon in under 3 hours”. But how does one quantify smart? Can’t remember the last time I heard someone say “Well, I cracked IAS because I employed 350 kilos of smartness in my preparation!” The irony is that the smart people are the ones extending this chain, like a pyramid scheme. The poor hard-worker is working nights to make his product work, or at the gym improving his squat going from 200 to 250 lbs. (Oh, and you’ll never see smart folks at the Gym; probably on buzzfeed reading out 5 reasons why coconut sugar is better than ground sugar) Work Hard and don’t be stupid. That’s smart enough.